Lara and me were among the most successful dogfrisbeeteams worldwide for more than 10 years.

Now Leeloo and Minai are stepping successfully into her pawprints.

 20 times worldchampionship finalists,

Vice-Freestyle-Worldchamp, European Champion

German and European discdog Freestyle Champions

3 times German masters ( 3 years in a row ),

among top 10 at World Cup Standings almost every year,

special guest for the Extreme K9 Stuntdogshow USA,

show appearances across Germany,

seen in media local/international,

known from YouTube

author --> Discdogging tipps and tricks for beginners and advanced ( Deutsch & English )

Since 2012 we are part of Team HeroDiscUSA  and since 2013 we get supported from CSJ Special Caninen Foods. We are super proud and happy to be sponsored from these two awesome companies, with the best flying discs for us and the best dogfood and supplements! Thank you!

946910 10204500259724052 869629480342335730 n sweetie...

searching for a partner who gives me company in going to fresh air,she jumped 

into my arms. Since this time she keeps me on the run. Together we discovered 

dogfrisbee for us. From the first beginning she was so enthusiastic and so I 

allowed myselfe to be convinced.

Now we try to learn everything you can do with such a flying disc. On behalf of 

dogfrisbee we drove many many kilometers right now. If it is for to meet other 

dogfrisbee folks, to enthusenew ones or to compete with others.

Hope she will be with me for a long long time...with or without flying disc.

R.I.P. 24.3.2015 run free and play your favorite game! Miss you from the bottom of my heart!

Lara´s successes 

DSC05105 Grenvernderung


... the Jetman... on my search for a partner for Lara,I "met" him on Bea´s 

Bordercollierescuepage. And because of I really need to see this little hobgoblin

 next to Lara,he did a big journey from Ireland to Karlsruhe ( Germany ).

He came and won!

It takes a long time for him to learn to play instead of herding.With a flying disc 

too,of course. Now he is on fire totally.

Lara and me try to do our very best to help him getting over his past.... and I 

hope we all will spend many happy years together.


R.I.P and run free, we will miss you!!! 12.3.2014


Jetman´s successes:

  •    2008

3.Place FDDO German Master(PRO)

 •    2007

12. Place Spring - Cup Osnarbrück

1. Place New Stylers Jam (FDDO/Amateure)

  •    2006

6. Place NewStylersJam

took part at the first German Quadruped competition

  •    2005

6. Place EM in DD1

12. Place BCC in DD1

3. Place DM in DD1 und im Longdistance

8. Place Norddeutschemeisterschaft

  •    2004

4. Place bei den Süddeutschen Meisterschaften

6.Place bei den DM/BCC in Karlsruhe

15. Place EM

( all beginners)

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The puppy got a difficult task when she came to us , as Chita vom Hause Nino...she shall become the successor of my loved Lara... who, year by year, comes closer to retirement ;) 

With the age of 7 month, Leeloo saw her first flying or better rolling plastic disc and she got infected.

Everytime her excitement for the flying plastic thing is growing and completely Border Collie she is busy watching and learning from Lara, what to do with it.

After a short time she already got a real flying disc junky and fits perfect to us :)

Leeloo´s successes

minai 1 20180916 1316545653


In July 2015 the little cookie Epic Minai Quick Angle joined our pack. With sweet 8 weeks she already is enthusiastic about the round plastic and in no time she became a Frisbeejunkienerd :)

She fits into the team perfectly and is so much fun every day! For many exciting adventures and great years to come!

minai 2 20180916 1523914029


Minai´s successes

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With 14 weeks little tip Yeepee joined us and with her special personality , she reminds me often at my Lara. Within weeks she became a discfan and step by step she discovers, that the flying plastic is even better than being naughty to her sisters ;) She fits quit wonderful to us and I am looking forward to enjoy many years with her :)

Waiyeepees successes 

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