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Lara and me were among the most successful dogfrisbeeteams worldwide for more than 10 years.

Now Leeloo and Minai are stepping successfully into her pawprints.

 20 times worldchampionship finalists,

Vice-Freestyle-Worldchamp, European Champion

German and European discdog Freestyle Champions

3 times German masters ( 3 years in a row ),

among top 10 at World Cup Standings almost every year,

special guest for the Extreme K9 Stuntdogshow USA,

show appearances across Germany,

seen in media local/international,

known from YouTube

author --> Discdogging tipps and tricks for beginners and advanced ( Deutsch & English )

Since 2012 we are part of Team HeroDiscUSA  and since 2013 we get supported from CSJ Special Caninen Foods. We are super proud and happy to be sponsored from these two awesome companies, with the best flying discs for us and the best dogfood and supplements! Thank you!


How you come into dogfrisbee?

Indeed I grew up with dogs and I allways used everything to play with them, but I never would had the idea to use a Frisbee.

At springtime ´01 Lara stepped into my life.She is my first own dog and cause she is a Border Collie I was searching for a proper activity for her.

Being on a walk with her we met Jochen . He told me about dogfrisbee and invited me to join the training from his club called Good Fellas ( I had absolutely no idea what it could be ! ). So we joined the training and tried it.... (me no plan how to throw a disc,Lara not even 7 month old )

.... Lara decided the Frisbee has to be her favorite toy from now on. So I thought , if she loves it I will do so too. I asked Jochen thousand of questions and started to learn how to play Frisbee.

Not forget to mention Magic! He is the one who teached me with angelic patience how to throw!! ( was not easy cause I´m completely unathletic .... ).And cause Frisbee is his life ( mine too now ) and cause he loves dogs,he was willing to teach other dogfrisbee players too. Thank you very much Magic!!

And honestly: It´s addicting!

Especially cause you can play it nearly everywhere without alot of equipment. On your own, with others,however.

At December ´03 the little hobogobline Jetman joined us. At the beginning he did not know what to do with a toy,no matter what kind of. But half a year later he was infected to the Frisbee fever too.

August ´11 and Leeloo joined us! With 8 month she saw her first disc and immediately she got what it is about and made the flying plastic to her favorite toy!

In July ´15 Minai joined the pac with 8 weeks and got infected right away with the disc fever !

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