Generell questions

Dogfrisbee,what is it?

Dogfrisbee is a sport or leisure-time activity for dogs and people,where both are challenged...physically and mentally.From just throw and catch at the park to competitions with different disciplines and rules.You can find all that heart can desire.

That´s so cool,but where can I learn it?

Nearly everywhere in the world you can find teams and clubs,who you can join. Here you can find links to some of them.Is no one at your surroundings than true the motto: Do it your self.Here you can find how to get started and how to go on.

Are there competitions?

Yes! You can find a schedule on this page

Which breed of dog is eligible?

Every breed! No matter what age,how big or tall, as long the dog is at good health. Just fit the game to the requirements of your dog.

What´s the must have for a eligible dog?

Health,instinct,stamina and some basics in obedience.

Where can I play?
The playground should be soft,plane and without wholes.Lawn or sand are best.At parks take care of the rules for dogs and of other people and dogs.

What can I do if other dogs bother my dog at the game?

Keep polite and ask the owner to call his dog,cause you train your dog at the moment.


What should you take care of?

Dogfrisbee is a very versatile sport - from just throw and catch to profesional Freestyle-routines - there is a way to play dogsfrisbee for every team. For the main part it is a sport that should bring fun to dog and handler and deepen the connection between both of them.Independent from breed,size and appearance, every healthy dog can play dogfrisbee.As dog owner it is up to you not to overstrain your dog and to take care that your dog don´t gets injured. Just if you do so you can be sure your dog keeps healthy and able to play till it´s old. There can be no common trainingprogram for every dog,no common statement about the age when you should begin,about the duration of the training or how to train.Every dog is different ( age,size,breed,character,health,condition,instinct etc. ) and that´s why the training has to be individual for every dog. Thereby you should know ( get know ) your dog and his limits very well - by observing and using your common sense - so your dog keeps healthy and his fun with playing Frisbee.
Pay attention to these points:

Never feed your dog before the training.There is a high risk for the stomach to upset if the dog runs and jumps. It´s better to feed after the training.
X-ray the hips of your dog to be sure it has no HD.
To built up muscle and condition - begin your training easy and increase it slowly,e.g. with swimming ( don´t burdened the joints ) . With regular , specifically training you can prevent injuries and HD.Alternate between demanding / easy training and stationary phases.
Every dog - even puppies - are able and allowed to jump or leap.But you should wait till your dog is grown up ( bones and joints ) before you begin with high jumps ( for some dogs till the age of 2 years).
Take special care at the age around the to month.During this time dogs are growing most. Basically it depends in what shape your dog is. Even dogs with HD but without sympthoms can play.To train them can help to stable their bones and joints with muscle mass and conjunctive tissue.Avoid jumps! If it makes sense for your dog,ask your vet.
Never claim your dog more than it is willing to do.Never overstrain it,allways finish the training at the right time ( means before your dog becomes tired or unconcentrated ). It´s better to play several times a day than to play more straight than half an hour.
Most dogs would go on with the game even they are injured.If you realize your dog limps or shows you some pain - stop the training right now and if necessary see the vet.Even little injuries has to be treated and cured well.
Be sure to have enough water for your dog ( a Frisbee is a great water bowl ! ).
Just train on lawn or soft sand. Pay attention for the ground is plane and without wholes.Take care to other people and dogs.
Always use special dog discs and check them for sharp edges or other damages before using them.
Take your time to warm up your dog before you begin ( short throws and low jumps ),massage the muscles of your dog.
Give your four-pawed friend time to rest, perhaps a cooling bath at the next lake or river.
Take your time to cool-down your dog after the training ( walk around for a few minutes ).
Check up your dog for injuries after the game.
Before using the discs next time:clean and check them for damages.If necessary eliminate sharp edges.Don´t use broken discs.
At long last: You can train your dog effective and fair if you ( the trainer ) are able to hold back your caprices.If you have a bad day and you are in a bad mood, don´t train a dog. The best trainer is the one who is able to show the dog how much fun it is to work and live together.

Is´nt it to dangerous for my dog?

Every healthy dog is able to play "Throw and bring back " .If you like to play tricks it´s up to you to fit them for your dog. Health of your dog should be most important,though.

How to get started

How do i teach my dog to catch a disc?

One way to test your dog at the disc is to play with someone else and to give your dog the chance to catch the disc if it want´s to.Not every dog has the instinct to catch the disc in the air from the first time.

What can I do if my dog is not interested in the disc?

-use the disc as waterbowl and feed your dog out of it.So your dog get a positive connection to the disc
- play tugging games with your dog and the disc.That increases the instinct.
- you can imitate the escape of the prey if you roll the disc on the ground,away from your dog.

My dog always runs away with the disc,what can I do?

Use a long leash or a second disc for " swapping "

My dog always comes back without the disc,he drops the disc on the way back!

Try to teach your dog to retrive correctly.Don´t throw too far at the beginning and use a long leash. Is it comming back with the disc: PRAISE!!! Observe it very well all the time.If it looks like it would drop the disc now,give the command to drop before it happens. Like this it learns to connect the action with the command and with time it will wait for the command and will bring the disc till you give the command to drop the disc. Is it not bringing back the disc anyway... stop the game everytime it is not retriving the disc. Don´t pick up the disc by your self and go on with the game! You make the rules! So it´s up to you to start and stop the game.Not to your dog! So pick up the disc and walk away. You can start the game again a few minutes later.

My dog don´t drops the disc and is growling at me

That´s not a Discdog problem.You have a problem about who is the leader ... you or your dog. In that case it is better to avoid a injury and let have your dog the disc. Don´t go on with the game in case it should decide to drop the disc a bit later! Remember,you make the rules,not your dog! A good dog trainer would be a great help in that case.

Which tricks I can learn and play fast and easy as beginner?

The "roller" is a basic throw ( you let roll the disc over the ground ).You can use this throw to warm up your dog too.Is a dog already trained in jumping ( Agility... ) you can start with low overs. The "overknee" is one of the easiest tricks. Always take attention at controlled jumpes and landings.

What is it about a routine?

For a freestyle-routine you and your dog should master some tricks at first. Because you can use up to 10 discs( depends on the rule of the competitions ),it makes sense to put 6-7 tricks togther for a set. You can put sets togther like that e.g.:
-start up with a trick you master 100%
-next one to 50%
-again one to 100%
-one to 50%
Like that you keep the audience in a good mood and you have successful tricks in between - even one is not working.Look for a nice song. It should fit to you and your stile.It´s better not to use political or not family/spectator friendly music for a show!
And now you can think about the flow between the music and your tricks. For example:
- throw to the beat
- weave thru the legs to the beat and on,and on....

How can I learn to throw long distances?

For to throw long distance begin with practise short distances. Take a goal ( for example a tree ) to throw to from a short distance.Then increase the distance from the goal step by step.Don´t forget:it´s not just the power of the throw who makes it a long one.It´s technique.

How do I have to throw a disc?

The easiest way is to use the "beachthrow",these technique is a backhand.
Hold the disc with good grip,the thumb on the upside your fingers in the rim of the disc. Turn your shoulder into direction you like to throw to,so you have enough room to wind up your arm. Twi things are imporatnt:
1. Give alot of spin to the disc ( out of your wrist )
2. hold the disc with the upside slightly slanting away from your body.Hold the disc like this at the moment of release too. In this way the disc will fly in a more stable manner in the air.
After the disc released your hand your hand should show into direction the disc flies to.

What´s the best way to use multiple discs?

Basically you should be able to handle a single disc without any problem!
Then you should begin to coordinate the catch and retrieve the way you don´t have to run all over the field for pick up the discs!

From treat to disc,how does it works?

If you start to train a trick with a treat,practise it till you and your dog can do it dream-like.Then start to use a disc instead of a treat. At the beginning you can combinate treat and disc and then decrease the treats.Should be no problem.

My dog bites me if I don´t throw immidiately

You have problem of contolling your dog.Teach your dog just to take the disc if you give a command.Use a leash for contoll if necessary.The game first goes on when you have controll about your dog.

My dog loses interest very quickly

Don´t let it come that far and stop the game at the right moment.Even it just lasts 30 seconds.To finish when your dog did a good job with atrick or catch is the best.

My dog is allways unconcentrated and don´t listen to me,what can I do?

This dog is overwhelmed with the task you want him to do.
Start your training with things your dog is able to do.But,don´t praise your dog for doing tricks he allready knows without you asked him to do so! Ignore it and go on with what you want to do.Don´t touch your dog.Many dogs become very loud when you touch them,cause the touch increases their instinct.In worst case pack the disc and stop the game.Or do some tricks with treats.
Avoid the "well-done" disc at the end.A smart dog will learn very fast: "the faster I´m finished the faster there really will be action" and he will be much more unconcentrated and begin to bark.Don´t let your dog observe other dogs playing.This will increase his instinct and you will have problems to controll him.
Basically,give fast sequences to a barking dog,but don´t become hectic!This way he learns to take attention to you and to concentrate itself.

At this point I would like to touch upon some aspects, which should go without saying (at least from my point of view).

Everyone, who plays dog Frisbee, is a representative of the sport. Outsiders cannot differentiate between hobby and sport.

    •    Therefore you should show consideration for your surroundings including the people and dogs there.

          You like to be treated the same way too, right?

    •    Keep the environment clean: pick up what your dog leaves behind. 

          No matter if someone has seen it or not.

    •    Make sure your dog behaves correctly. 

          Incorrect behaviour can be embarrassing or even become dangerous!

: No matter where you play,there will be allways people watching you and if they like it,they will ask alot of questions.
Remember the time when you discovered the sport for yourself and your dog:
Share your exitement with them,be polite and patient,they will remember.

Thanx Julia

Here you can find some tips and possibilities how to start dogfrisbee with your dog.

Before you start:

Important for your dogs welfare!!

!You should be able to play Frisbee!

( if not: learn it a.s.a.p., it brings alot of fun-even without a dog )

!Please,please,please.... don´t play with a disc for people with your dog!

Use a special dogdisc.Your dogs teeth will thank you!

!Taking into consideration for bones and junctions of your dog just play at sand-or lawnground. (without holes and others stuff that could cause injuries )

!Before your dog is doing jumps : check up for HD!!

Especially larg dogs.Wait with high jumps till your dog is grown up.

!Don´t feed your dog before you play him!! ( The stomache can upset )

! Allways have enough water with you!!

! Warm up and cool down your dog.... People do so too!! ( cold muscles and ligaments are vulnerable for injuries! )

! Check your dog after every game for injuries !

! It´s better to play just a short time! Dogfrisbee is exhausting! So better just a short game and your dogs has fun,than a long game and your dog is overstrained.Many dogs don´t stop when they have fun!Some times it is helpful to use an alarmclock!

And now have a lot of fun!!!

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