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... the Jetman... on my search for a partner for Lara,I "met" him on Bea´s 

Bordercollierescuepage. And because of I really need to see this little hobgoblin

 next to Lara,he did a big journey from Ireland to Karlsruhe ( Germany ).

He came and won!

It takes a long time for him to learn to play instead of herding.With a flying disc 

too,of course. Now he is on fire totally.

Lara and me try to do our very best to help him getting over his past.... and I 

hope we all will spend many happy years together.


R.I.P and run free, we will miss you!!! 12.3.2014


Jetman´s successes:

  •    2008

3.Place FDDO German Master(PRO)

 •    2007

12. Place Spring - Cup Osnarbrück

1. Place New Stylers Jam (FDDO/Amateure)

  •    2006

6. Place NewStylersJam

took part at the first German Quadruped competition

  •    2005

6. Place EM in DD1

12. Place BCC in DD1

3. Place DM in DD1 und im Longdistance

8. Place Norddeutschemeisterschaft

  •    2004

4. Place bei den Süddeutschen Meisterschaften

6.Place bei den DM/BCC in Karlsruhe

15. Place EM

( all beginners)

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