Here you can find some tips and possibilities how to start dogfrisbee with your dog.

Before you start:

Important for your dogs welfare!!

!You should be able to play Frisbee!

( if not: learn it a.s.a.p., it brings alot of fun-even without a dog )

!Please,please,please.... don´t play with a disc for people with your dog!

Use a special dogdisc.Your dogs teeth will thank you!

!Taking into consideration for bones and junctions of your dog just play at sand-or lawnground. (without holes and others stuff that could cause injuries )

!Before your dog is doing jumps : check up for HD!!

Especially larg dogs.Wait with high jumps till your dog is grown up.

!Don´t feed your dog before you play him!! ( The stomache can upset )

! Allways have enough water with you!!

! Warm up and cool down your dog.... People do so too!! ( cold muscles and ligaments are vulnerable for injuries! )

! Check your dog after every game for injuries !

! It´s better to play just a short time! Dogfrisbee is exhausting! So better just a short game and your dogs has fun,than a long game and your dog is overstrained.Many dogs don´t stop when they have fun!Some times it is helpful to use an alarmclock!

And now have a lot of fun!!!

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