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FDDO European Championship & AWI European Qualifier



2 in 1 Event! NOT FOR 2019 !! In 2019 we offer just an AWI Qualifier

( scoll down for special announcement!! )

When: 27.4. 2019

Where: SHV Kirrlach

This year we offer 2 competitions at one weekend to you again!

On the one hand a FDDO and to another an AWI Qualifier!

You have the possibility to compete at both or just at one of them.

The order of events will be organized so that teams competeing both just have one additional round of freestyle. The first round of freestyle is played and judged together for FDDO and AWI.

On Saturday we´ll play the complete AWI ( 2 rounds of freestyle, one for the FDDO competitors ,too ). On Sunday we´ll play the 2 distance competitions and the obstacles from the FDDO.

Informations about each event:

FDDO Rules

AWI Rules

For those who like to play both:

Fees are:

Professional: 33,-

Advanced: 30,-

Beginners: 25,-

T&C: 10,-

Freestyle Only : 10,-

Camping : 5,- euro / night and person ( no power and showers ! )

The SHV Kirrlach takes care of your creature comforts.

Cause it´s 2 competitions , everyone want´s to come home at time and we like to have a stress-free weekend, number of participants is limited to max. 40 !!!

You can and may register soon!



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